July 4, 2018

Imbibing the nectar out of some old letters from Miss Emily D. to her friend A… what an extraordinary pen at such an early age. Meanwhile, a protestor refuses to descend from the pedestal of Lady Liberty on the Hudson; she just won’t cooperate. Police are being very patient in this case, as the world watches. She seems to have yielded to reason now; it will all be over soon.


June 19, 2018

Calm waters as we keep rowing through the pond of Life.

Ignorance is bliss, especially ignorance of politics: the less you know, the happier you will be.

June 20: toying with algebraic embeddings & holomorphic variations, the Cancallation problem, the Linearization problem, the Jacobian Conjecture… all the few resilient problems but still, way nicer than politics!


May 18, 2018

Dad’s birthday. Grateful for the algorithms that enabled such crisp sound & visuals across thousands of miles, making it intimate. But most of all, grateful for the privilege of his presence, of his radiant life and all he did for me, for us. Last week, a quiet celebration of the Feynman Centennial – I have always loved his books and find his work so inspiring and refreshing. This morning, a giant croissant brought by the sweetest sweetness, a spread of Gröbner basis, in a pattern of symplectic curves arranged in soft, gradual Taylor series with a possible solution in nonzero integers… all in all, a delicious algebraic topology of breakfast. Coffee?


The Kiss Precise

For pairs of lips to kiss maybe
Involves no trigonometry.
‘Tis not so when four circles kiss
Each one the other three.
To bring this off the four must be
As three in one or one in three.
If one in three, beyond a doubt
Each gets three kisses from without.
If three in one, then is that one
Thrice kissed internally.

~ by Frederick Soddy


March 11, 2018

With too much peace in my hands, music and literature by the fire took over from Netflix, and a good trade it is. So many ideas occupy my mind lately, a caleidoscope. Later, if I get tired of reading upon resuming, I would like to give a go at Go, the new Google language for assembly – paid for an online course that lingers like it may never be attended in its many hours of video and virtual obscurity. With the goddesses on vacation across the warm seas, I remain to my own device, endlessly feeding social media and trying to stay away from inanity.


February 6, 2018

Winter Olympics ~ watching the Games usually involves little focusing on our part, so it can be very soothing. Weather has been showing some clear irregular patterns for freezing, snowing etc – way more than in previous years. Meantime, I keep ingesting absurdly copious amounts of hot cocoa, hoping to ride all irregularities away.

Last night I finished reading David Grann’s captivating article about Henry Worsley’s challenging journey across Antarctica – very good. So right now, planning for a peaceful weekend ahead (perhaps with some bowling), maybe read Grann’s increasingly popular book on the Osage, and continue our planning for Merida, with some probability of the ever elusive pulque. Relishing like a Cheshire cat over how this little tablet’s portable library has expanded to include all of Colombeia, all of Dickens, Shelley and wife, Hodgson, Melville, Kipling, Saki, Sir Isaac Newton, Aristotle, Carlyle and Maugham. And still at the weight of slightly above one pound.