King Kong’s Creepy Spiders

In the 1933 King Kong movie, Merian C. Cooper had originally included a scene where giant spiders eat some of the poor guys that fell from the tree laid across a deep canyon. The scene was thought to be so horrible and realistic that when the movie was first privately screened in San Bernardino in late January that year, many left the room and some people kept discussing the scene in shock throughout the rest of the movie. In the end, it was decided that the scene should be excluded from the final cut.

Is it lost forever? Surely someone must have saved it. Or maybe it is like that red balalaika from Dr Zhivago; its whereabouts are likely remain a mystery, forever.

Below, a rare still of the lost scene:

SOURCE FOR THIS PICTURE: Boyd Campbell’s website

And you can see some progress on the new Kong 2005 movie by Peter Jackson’s Kiwi crew:

Click here for the neat Quicktime Movie, directly from the Peter Jackson Kong weblog


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