Nike, or the Wings of the Goddess

My brother tells me that the Nike sports brand name comes from the Greek word for ‘Goddess’, Nike, and that their small wing logo is inspired in Samothrace’s headless beauty. You can see her in full glory at the top of the staircase at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Legend has it that the founder of the Rolls Royce company used to go there often just to admire her, and eventually placed her at the top front of every one of his cars.

Tall and imposing, she used to greet sailors that entered the island of Samothrace; today, she greets millions of tourists every year. She was broken in 200some fragments back in Greece and they took her to France and glued her together at the museum. A wing was lost, so they had to build her a new one.

More than a pretty girl who lost her head, the Victory is a testimony to human greatness.

Maybe his source is an old Asimov book – I’m not sure?

Click on the Daily Channel’s link for a good look at the Goddess:


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