Last Day of the Year

Well, Happy Birthday to Sir Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley –

plus, Happy Anniversary to Kate Hudson and Will Smith (and their spouses!).

The world is still recovering from the Asian tsunami catastrophe. My deepest condolences go to all those who lost a loved one, or more, like poor Sir Richard Attenborough. It will be a long mourning before recovery. So much pain…

May this New Year bring better luck to everyone.

Tonight at 7pm, New York’s Eve Gala is La Bohème, at the Amato Opera (at the Bowery).

Tom Cruise’s new movie, directed by Steven Spielberg, is ‘The War of the Worlds’. Watch the trailer at the Official movie website. Or, from the Apple website, try downloading this one about a New World.

If *plastics* used to be the future, then *plastic electronics* is the future of the future. Your own permanent newspaper – can you imagine? In eInk’s words: “The culminating dream of E Ink is to combine these attributes to create RadioPaperTM, a display with the readability of ink on paper but with the added benefit of digital technology to download newspaper headlines or a best-selling novel at the user’s command – providing information to anyone, anywhere.”. Take the Library of Congress to the beach, in a single piece of (plastic) paper and browse the world.

Time Magazine tells us their <a style=”text-decoration: none”href=””>Best & Worst for 2004.


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