Seventeenth post: Amiel’s Journal (1848)

Amiel’s Journal was written in Geneva in 1848. Religious and philosophical, his work seeks higher understanding in everyday matters.

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A favorite entry:

September 7, 1851. (Aix).- ‘It is ten o’clock at night. A strange and

mystic moonlight, with a fresh breeze and a sky crossed by a few

wandering clouds, makes our terrace delightful. These pale and gentle

rays shed from the zenith a subdued and penetrating peace; it is like

the calm joy or the pensive smile of experience, combined with a certain

stoic strength. The stars shine, the leaves tremble in the silver light.

Not a sound in all the landscape; great gulfs of shadow under the green

alleys and at the corners of the steps. Everything is secret, solemn,



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