Eighteenth post: Diary of Edwin Jones: France, Egypt and Mesopotamia (1915-1916)

Saturday afternoon, the weather looks bleak outside.

I found a telling one, the diary of Edwin Jones and his experiences during World War I – where we learn about his trips to France, Egypt and Mesopotamia (1915-1916).


April 18th 1916: Attack still on and over 600 cases passed through our hands.

Bandages, splints, &c had run out, and we got about 30 Indians working making bandages, and as fast as they were made, so they were used, and in many case men’s shirts were torn, and used as bandages. One poor chap was brought in with a shrapnel wound in the foot and 12 bayonet wound in the body. He remained perfectly still whilst being dressed, but begged for water. The Major said No; however, I just managed to give him some when the Officer wasn’t looking.’


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