Strawberry Hill Forever

The extraordinary story of Horace Walpole and his Gothic Castle is always worth reading.

The Universal Pedagogue

Make a Virtual Visit to the vaulted room in Strawberry Hill, by kind arrangement of the BBC.

‘Some talk of Gunnersbury,
For Sion some declare;
And some say, that with Chiswick House
No villa can compare;
But all the beaux of Middlesex,
Who know the country well,
Say, that Strawberry Hill, that Strawberry
Doth bear away the bell
Though Surry boasts its Oatlands,
And Claremont kept so grim
And though they talk of Southcote’s,
‘Tis but a dainty whim;
For ask the gallant Bristow,
Who does in taste excel
If Strawberry Hill, if Strawberry
Don’t bear away the bell.’
– Lord Bath (1684-1764)


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