Committed: Confessions of a "Former" Cereal Dater (2004-2005)

A young lady from Columbus, Ohio shares her thoughts in a blog, ‘Confessions of a “former” Cereal Dater’. A Republican of sorts, her diary tells the story of a modern American girl, in full frankness that is sometimes blunt, never boring.

Here is a poem she wrote on April 1st, 2004:

The Sum of All Things That I Am

We are the sum of our experiences
Never a day shall pass that truth is not in the phrase.
I am everything in my life to this point
the good and the unpleasant
Should you love me any less because I have seen or done?
Should you love me any more when I have not?
Whatever would I change,
That I should never feel the pain of loss
Or the confusion of a decision mulled over in vain?
Had I never known love, I would not have wanted to find it again.

And yet, I spend so many hours in my own mind
The time has come to open the window
and remember the world around and its beauty,
Lest I forget why life is good.
To forgive myself my errs, and
learn in a way that gives birth to new mistakes,
And realize that it is a comedy in a serious way
or to laugh with conviction at the follies.
If it were so easy, would I be blind to trouble?
This is the woman that I am, and would I be less so another way?


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