Nessie: amateur video (2003)

SOURCE FOR THIS PICTURE: (original photograph by Academy of Applied Sciences, Robert Rines, 1971)

Check here the latest Nessie home video from Loch Ness, taken in 2003, and judge for yourself – skeptics and believers are very welcome to paste their comments below.

Shot in April 2003 at Urquhart (yes, the famous Loch Ness castle ruin), on the north shore of the Loch, the controversial video shares location with many previous sightings: “The part of Urquhart Bay where the object submerges for the last time, in immensely deep water, has over the centuries, been the location for numerous Monster reports. A couple from New England had one such sighting, a certain Dr Robert H Rines and his wife Carol. On 23rd June 1973 they were stunned to see a 20 foot hump cruising through the twilight.“. The excitement caused by this video was comparable to that of the 2002 photographs by Roy Johnston.

Seals? Giant Eels? Plesiosaurs? Or perhaps, Divers? Take your guess. The author of the video has chosen to remain anonymous.


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