East Africa Trip Journal, June / July 2000

Perhaps you can take a few moments to enjoy Joyce Carta’s appreciative daily entries of her five week trip to several African countries.

SOURCE FOR THIS PICTURE: Dar es Salaam, courtesy of Forota.net

An excerpt from the June 14, 2000 entry:

One thing we asked him to do was call ahead to Breezes Beach Resort, our Zanzibar accommodation, and ask them to send a car to meet us. George was happy to comply saying “hakuna matata” (yes, that is REAL Swahili). So we said Asante and Kwa heri (thank you and goodbye) to George and found seats at the very back of the top deck. It was only delayed 1/2 hour (not at all bad for East Africa) as everything from chickens to furniture was loaded onto the lower deck. No “Maximum Occupancy” signs here and people were stuffed on like in a Japanese train. We bought 2 little bags of cashews from an adorable little boy vendor and munched them with Fantas (the official orange soda of the Third World) as suddenly, we left shore. As the harbor receded we were startled by how good Dar looked from a distance and were equally pleased to be appreciating it from afar.


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