Toby’s and Serena’s Travel Diaries (2003)

Meet a British couple who decided to publish online their colorful “Big Tripout” travel diaries to multiple destinations: England, Russia, Mongolia, China, Nepal/Tibet, India, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, French Polynesia, Easter Island, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, U.S.A, Spain, and England.

Serena: “Ruben showed us the seed of one of the trees that had seeds used for dying clothes and other things. He put some of it on our faces like war paint and we then headed of to see the field of the highly important vegetable (can’t remember the name) that is used everyday in the staple diet of the locals. We were also shown how it is grated and juiced then cooked to make a substance like flour which is used for bread etc. The only people that seemed to be around were a family consisting of 3 kids and granny, mum and dad who showed us some locally made crafts which i bought a load of (Xmas is coming…..) They had a pool table outside which we all then had a couple of games on and a lovely cold coke. The family showed us their water turtle which is currently a pet but will probably be eaten some time in the future as turtle and their eggs are also part of the diet, as well as monkeys and anything else that moves basically.


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