Dr Felicia R. Beardsley’s Micronesian Diary (1998-1999)

Dr. Beardsley, an archaeologist, writes her Micronesian diary, starting in Kolonia.

Source: intangible.org

Interesting note: “Youser Anson, Chief of Division of Lands, was noting how attendance at funerals was changing — a change that has been brought about by roads and improved transportation. Now, he says, more people are attending funerals. In the past, families would send representatives to these things, and the representatives would simply bring sufficient food to feed themselves along with some sort of tribute item, depending on the rank of the deceased. For example, if it was a high-ranked person, you would bring a very old yam or a very old pig — as if to say, see, I grew these things for so long and cherished them over these many years, but with your passing I hand them over to you. Now, though, people bring tons of food, big pigs (not necessarily old), yams are passĂ© since canned food is now considered a higher prestige item, as well as sacks of rice. These are then distributed to those who come to the funeral. People now, Youser said, mostly use funerals as a way of getting out of work.


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