Dot’s Diary: Diary of a dyslexia teacher (2005)

Dot’s diary is the diary of a dyslexia teacher, that is, of children with dyslexia problems. Although it is a short piece by our usual standards, one can be a witness to the approaches that modern education now provides for this type of handicap.

Excerpt: “Saturday: After looking through a few examples of David’s schoolwork I have identified that nearly all of the common spelling errors among dyslexic children (any, many, does, because, friend, island, eyes, said, enought) give him trouble at some time or another. ‘Any’ is spelt ‘eny, with ‘many’ following on as ‘meny’, ‘said’ becomes ‘sed’. Remarkably I noticed that not only does he spell them wrongly but also that he is not even consistent with his mistakes. For example he spells the word ‘does’ as either ‘dus’ or ‘dose’; ‘friends’ becomes sometimes ‘frens’ and at others ‘frends’.


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