From Opotiki, New Zealand: Diaries of Jessica and Michael (2003)


Two holiday diaries by two children (brother and sister) that live in the charming Capeview cottage at the very remote location of Opotiki, NZ. Simple yet somehow fitting, their travel reflections bring back warm memories of childhood.

Excerpt (from Michael’s): “Day: 9
I leapt out of bed to find that mum and dad were still sleeping. After they woke up we went to a cafe on the front. I had an English breakfast, which had bacon and eggs. Then we followed Mum around the places, which she had been in an earlier visit to Crete. Then she took us to this big market where they sell lots of meat and fish. I knew they were rabbits, as they still had fur on them. Then we had to find our way back to the pension.


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