Shipwreck Central

I found Shipwreck Central through a link from James Delgado’s website. James is a famous underwater archaeologist (you may have seen him in ‘The Sea Hunters’, on the National Geographic Channel). Among other feats, James participated in the Clive Cussler successful expedition to find that legendary mystery ship, Mary Celeste (see our earlier entry:” Diving for the ‘Mary Celeste’ – Weird Caribbean (1)”. The Shipwreck Central presents us with the most comprehensive resource out there for those with a passion for shipwreck diving and history. To this day, they cover 1172 shipwrecks (and growing). Their interactive map tour is noteworthy, as well as their “Live from the Dive” blog. They also have a fairly good store, where you can buy t-shirts, jackets and different stuff. In short, a highly recommended website – don’t miss it.


Note from January 2015: Shipwreck Central no longer exists; try


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