On the track of Steve Fossett’s airplane

According to an entry on Steve Fossett’s official website, “the aircraft’s last confirmed position on Monday (3 September) at approximately 10:30 A.M. local time showed Steve west of Powell Canyon (south of Walker Lake and southwest of Hawthorne), proceeding east towards the canyon. This location is less than 30 miles SE from his point of departure / expected arrival. Steve was expected to return to the ranch around 11:00 – 11:30 AM. “. The picture to the left is of the actual plane, a Bellanca Super Decathlon. Below, a satellite picture marking the area where the plane was last seen and the direction of flight at the time – the yellow circle points at our most likely target area.

Take this into consideration if you would like to join in the search for Mr. Fossett with the Amazon’s Mechanical Turk system, using GoogleEarth, with fresh images by Google’s provider GeoEye. There is a chance that he might still be alive, somewhere out there in the rough Nevada desert.

One thought on “On the track of Steve Fossett’s airplane

  1. explora says:

    As the whole world knows by now they found his plane, in California, and some bone fragments that confirmed his identity with matching DNA. In pace requiescat, the brave Mr. Fossett – the world will miss you.

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