The Mysterious Peruvian

So, who is this mysterious Peruvian mentioned by Benjamin Franklin in his 1788 letter to James Bowdoin?:

A Circumstance observ’d by the Inhabitants of South America
in their last great Earthquake, that Noise coming from a
Place some Degrees north of Lima, and being trac’d by
enquiry quite down to Buenos Ayres, proceeded regularly
from North to South at the rate of Leagues per
minute, as I was inform’d by a very ingenious Peruvian
whom I met with at Paris.

I am ever, my very dear friend, yours most affectionately,


Is it perhaps Miranda, who already admired him and was called in France Le Péruvien?

If so, this may be the piece of evidence that I have been seeking of an encounter between Benjamin Franklin and Francisco de Miranda… I am writing a small article on Miranda and the Founding Fathers.


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