A Wedding

A wedding is an opportunity to remind others of their actual importance to you, why it matters to you so much that they exist, that life is beautiful and worthwhile, mostly because of them.

Children play, young adults flirt, the middle aged hopelessly chase away the heat with small Chinese fans; the elderly simply endure and remember, and smile. Everyone tries their best to look their best. After a little while, food is almost invariably on everyone’s mind. The bride and groom are there and yet away, already exploring their own private palace of joy ~ being queen and king of this timeless festival for a day .

The sun shines in, the warm air brings light perfume.

‘Say, I have one very peculiar teacher,’ proudly announced a little boy who seemed quite disinterested in any sort of social protocols going on. When I inquired what was peculiar there, he patiently explained that while his was almost like an intervention teacher, well, she really wasn’t an intervention teacher; this one, he said, was certainly not like those intervention teachers assigned to other children who, in his opinion, clearly required one.


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