A New Kind of Science

Admirabilissimus quaesitur Professor Stephen Wolfram has kindly placed his famous work (same title as this post) online, effectively making it freely accesible to mankind…  thus allowing us to scrutinize his thoughts on free will / complexity / computational irreducibility against that small monument of wisdom, Schrödinger’s 1944 essay  that highlights the importance of statistical physics in understanding natural phenomena [copy graciously shared by Stanford] and that nightmare of all theologians, Spinoza‘s 1677 Ethica, ordine geometrico demonstrata… all in all, a delectable endeavor for these coming holidays.

So, once again, thank you, Professor Wolfram!  Have just finished reading your interesting & well researched blog entry on Ada Lovelace. All this & Dr England‘s logical mathematical acrobatics on self-replication and physics of adaptation, along with Crooks/Jarzinsky’s theoretical construction on entropy production fluctuation, should provide for copious rich & stimulating eggnog, at the very least until end of 2015 AD. And yet, a distinctive feeling of trepidation there…


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