New theories for old questions

This week I have read some new theories on all kinds of odd things, from the lost books of Livy to the lost library of Ivan the Terrible; even a very original and simple one on mass, energy and how everything is connected. You could say it was special relativity revisited… well, redux.

Spent some time watching videos and reading about Schliemann and his unusual quest for Troy; about how the Amber Room is perhaps quietly waiting to be discovered in the northeastern Polish village of Mamerki or in Deutschneudorf in the Ore Mountains, and how Mayor Haustein is leading the search there… all these exciting healthy obsessions going on, plus a few recent theories on the endless continuity of space by equally recent, brilliant friends; oh, and how a 14-year-old farmer boy pretty much thought up by himself the whole concept of electronic television before anyone else did (for which he eventually got a first patent),  while plowing lines on an Idaho sugar beet field.

Cannot wait for the next set of revelations!


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