May 7, 2016

A lovely morning ~ my angel seems to be feeling better. Came back to bed and headphones to escape the humming of diligent mowers around us; and now I am chuckling at the most hilarious wit of kind Robert Dickau, who has managed to revive, at least temporarily, an interest in travelogues. A brief excerpt:

‘Hampton, Virginia, is a ghost town. (There’s a restaurant nearby named “Sorry Sara’s”, which about says it all.) Even the ambulances don’t have to turn on their sirens, since there’s no one on the roads to get in the way; I’m surprised they can even find anyone to be injured.

I’ll fill you in on a little secret you’ve known all along: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be a rocket scientist; and if anyone ever offers to take you to the NASA cafeteria for lunch, politely decline. I’ve attached some chicken and dumplings to this message so you can see for yourself.’

You can find more of his clever, funny writings here.


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