February 15, 2017

If someone from the distant past (bestowed with the gift of precognition) would have said to me at the time:

“I see you surrounded by frozen tundra at a remote Canadian province, on St Valentine Day, 2017…”

…well, it would have been hard to imagine, right?

So, believe in the seemingly impossible; it may happen someday ~ you just cannot say when. O, Sweet serendipity, you keep awing us every day.


January 24, 2017

Rainy, damp and cold… breathing well is a challenge.

Diving into the Church–Rosser … well, Alonso, where are you taking us now?

Or, with Marlowe:

‘The flowers do fade, and wanton fields
To wayward winter reckoning yields;
A honey tongue, a heart of gall,
Is fancy’s spring, but sorrow’s fall.’


January 1, 2017

A year anew – a good feeling. Great expectations it is, then.

Bought the Gerry Kennedy (finally, for 7d) and have spent a couple of hours pleased with his prose and style. Learning more about Newbold than I ever imagined I would want to. All very promising. Earlier (yesterday), read a bit of John Copeland’s diary posting for this week and listened to the Queen’s Christmas message and her quoting of Teresa and the meaning of inspiration.


December 18, 2016

Helen Keller once said: ‘What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, For all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.’.

This is a comforting thought, all the more so knowing the poor lady who somehow came up with those words had to survive in a world without visual or audio experiences of any kind. And yet, she chose to step out of the darkness and isolation, and embraced the hands that reached out to help her. What an example of courage to us all.

A few days ago we lost one of our dear lights ~ an ancient, noble one. One we loved deeply and which thus became a part of us… may you rest in peace.


November 4, 2016

The week is gone. Several opportunities to ponder on Fate and Free Will, and Life itself. The thought of how a sheer 7 million people (as of 6,000 years ago), easily multiplied to the 7 billion we are today… on such a ridiculously short period in the long scale of Time… it just makes one wonder how quickly we reached that accelerated increase so late in the game, and also wonder about what lies ahead, not too far down the line. Looks like the future is still going to be full of challenges! Hopefully, however, some (maybe many) of them will be offset by the countless remarkable technological achievements of this Age of Privilege. Think Mars! I really think every day is at least a little more exciting than the previous one, and that we should never give up on our optimism – one of my favorite American virtues.